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At London Carpentry Solutions we realise that creating bespoke furniture can be a lengthy and daunting affair, especially with all of the new styles and trends coming through.

There are so many colours, materials, accessories, genres and techniques that can be utilised when designing a project that it is incredibly easy to get bamboozled by the options out there.

As a result we will be adding random pieces of furniture that we feel will fit in with most rooms, regardless of colours.

The first piece of furniture that we feel adds to the aesthetic of any room are mirrors! They are the focal point of any room, give the impression of more space and add to any quirky designs as can be seen by the below examples;

The banbury mirror fits in with any decor.

Image source: Brand interiors

The Banbury mirror above is a perfect example of how a stylish piece can fit within a quirky setting. The brass finish will add an elegant finish to wall it is mounted on.

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