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Custom Built Furniture

At London Carpentry Solutions we specialize in custom built furniture, custom built bookcases, home entertainment units, shop fittings,  and custom made wardrobes. We also offer:

    Modern bookcase

  • Fitted wardrobes
  • Made to measure bookcases
  • Radiator casings
  • Display cabinets
  • Bespoke fitted bedrooms
  • Handmade windows
  • Handmade doors
  • Bespoke bathroom furniture
  • Bespoke kitchen furniture
  • Bespoke studies and libraries
  • Audio visual and alcove units
  • Carpentry and cabinet making
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Etc.

Our team offers spraying services for studies and offices. We also specialize in bespoke joinery, including windows, doors, skirting, and mouldings.You can choose the materials, color combinations, and finishes. Our carpenters have a wealth of experience with different materials such as exotic and unusual timber varieties, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, upholstery, acrylics, composites, glass, and others. We also use timber from sustainable sources to create eco-friendly furniture. All pieces of furniture are made to order and can be sprayed or polished to give the desired finish. We produce handcrafted pieces for living and dining rooms, studies, playrooms, and so on. Work undertaken varies widely, depending on the customer’s requirements. We specialize in fitted furniture such as kitchens and wardrobes as well as sculptural freestanding furniture. The design and manufacturing process involve as much input from our clients as they wish. Our designers are professional, experienced, creative, and passionate about what they do. They offer practical and creative suggestions for your home to help you to choose the perfect design. Many designs feature a European or Italian flavor, with a focus on beautiful finishing touches such as:


  • Integrated media and TV systems
  • Secret doors
  • Hidden shelving
  • Slide-out shoe racks
  • Revolving mirrors
  • Integrated mood lighting
  • Etc.

With so many options, designs, fittings, fixtures, and finishing touches, our pieces of furniture are uniquely created to meet your requirements. We provide affordable, high quality solutions for any budget, from mansions to flats and studios and anything in between. We will help you to make your home a comfortable and more pleasurable place to live in. Your house will benefit from optimal use of the space available.

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